For more info, contact:
116 & 118 Lebuh Acheh, 10200 Georgetown, Penang,
+6016-464 4211

The Last Chairs

Organiser: George Town Festival & Leon Lim

Date: 7 -31 July

Venue: The junction of Lebuh Union & Lebuh Penang (behind Hong Leong Bank)

Time: 24 hours (stunning at night!)
Ticket Price: FOC
Enquiries: George Town Festival, 016-464 4211


Public Art is permanent or temporary physical works of art visible to the general public, whether part of a building or free-standing. It is very renowned and celebrated in the art world. As a result of Malaysia’s very little history on Public Art, Leon Lim created public art installation to make a new chapter on Public Art that helps define the character and identity of Malaysia. The Last Chairs is an original work that continues Lim's fascination with exploring configurations of historical narratives through historical and social narratives; a living work created by the nature of people's participation in and the influence of urban culture, which is brought together through a collection of hundreds of chairs that were built, placed, lost found,damaged originally in the neighborhoods of George Town. Leon's work, which aims to highlight the absurd aspects of reality through visually emphasizing ordinary objects emblematic of George Town's context, will open for the first time to the energies of public art in Penang.


Leon Lim was born in Kedah, schooled in Penang and is a successful artist currently living in New York City. Lim has been creating works ranging from paintings and sculptures to photography and architectural models to multimedia and art installations. His work has been shown in several museums and galleries around the world such as World Financial Center Art Gallery, New York, USA, Total Museum of Contemporary in Seoul, Korea, CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, China, and the John F. Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA.


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