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Boria Festival

Penang Craft Festival 2024

Penang Digital Creative Week Showcasing 2024

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USM Fine Arts Showcase: Voyage of Discovery

Negaraku: A Collector’s Show

Mei Chee Seong’s Travel Doodle Solo Exhibition 梅志雄 《旅涂》个人画展

From This Moment On, Reading the Island: A Book Sharing Session 新书分享会 | 从这里出发,读一座岛

Connecting Cities, Countrysides and Islands – A Documentary on Taiwan’s Outlying Islands Frontline Residents: An Island Story 城视乡见岛屿串连 – 台湾离岛纪录片放映会 纪录片:《海上边境:台湾离岛的人们》