Visual Arts

Miniature Public Art: Cement Eclipses 水泥日食

Miniature Public Art: Declining Artisans 没落的工匠

Miniature Public Art: A Piece or Two of Life’s Bustle 一片兩片人生喧嘩

Preserving Memories (Liquid Mirror)

Shadow Sculptures

Living Machines


The Moments When You Suddenly Remember You Can Swim

Nigel Sense “Kopi Jackfruit Monkey”

Same Same But Different

Ban Ban Kia: Penang Shop Signs

“Jalan Balik”: A Journey to Identity of Paulus Supomo’s Seni Kanji

The Dye(ing) Resistant Process: A Preview Into Dato Tay Mo Leong

Young Arts Programme

匠 Artisan

斂 Material.Quality.Aggregation

More Men (and a Woman) with Plants

Here & Now Art Exhibition

如光如影II:龔萬輝插圖原畫展 As Light As Shadow II: King Ban Hui Illustration Exhibition